Since 1980 Gunnar Voigts has managed this farm, he is the third generation. On the farm cattle, sheep, goats and horses are being bred.

After it burned down, the old farmhouse was rebuilt and restored according to traditional styles in 1906. In 1990 the spacious domestic buildings were transformed into big guestrooms with own bathrooms. The rooms were kept in the traditional colony styles. All the rooms have electricity and warm water.

We have both double and single rooms available. For relaxation on a warm, sunny afternoon there is a swimming pool to your disposal.



February - April

Rainy season with occasional thunderstorms.


Autumn with lovely day temperatures and cool nights.

June - August

Winter with morning frost (-5ÂșC) and temperate day temperatures.


Spring lovely day temperatures and cool nights.

October - November

Hot and very dry.

The dry winter months April through October are the best for hunting. Warm clothing is advisable after sundown and comfortable loose hunting clothing and boots are necessary.

Tel: +264 (0) 62 501379

Po Box:18 Okahandja, Namibia


Physical Add:18 Okahandja, Namibia